Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Red Moon

Thought about writing today, and wondered why I don't write more often. I used to love writing! In school, I always preferred writing papers over studying and taking exams. I even won a small scholarship for college through a piece I wrote about my life story. Granted, it was a very small amount of money, but I still felt proud of my work and accomplishment. If I write today, it's mostly in e-mails, or my prayer journal. Which sadly, despite my last entry, I have not become more diligent with prayer journal and time in the bible. Yet God has been on my mind more and more since we started going to our new church and bible study. The importance of knowing Him and knowing more about Jesus and His word has become a priority. We talked about the red moon (solar eclipse) last night at bible study. Somehow the moon then appeared in my dreams last night. It was huge and alternated between moon color, and a red moon color. Our pastor told us that if the eclipse could have been seen in Israel, it would have been a sign of the tribulation beginning! I am so glad it did not appear red there! What is the story/details behind this? Well, I wish I wrote it down during bible study, or that I could remember. All I know is that our pastor is quite an intelligent man and knows his bible and his history!

Life has been pretty good to us here in Arizona. Jordan is wrapping up his third year of medical school and will start his fourth and final year this summer. This coming fourth year he plans all his own rotations. So he will go back to some that he did already, and schedule new ones that are Emergency Medicine rotations to give him us much experience in that area as possible. He has scheduled an ER rotation in Indianapolis for the month of October, and one here in Phoenix for the month of November. The other ones are still up in the air, but it will be a busy year! It will also be a year filled with challenges for me. It will be difficult to be at home by myself for the months and weeks that he is gone. I stay busy for the most part, but the worst is going to bed at night without him. I know we'll get through it all, and God has a plan at the end of everything. I need strength from God to keep supporting Jordan by staying positive and encouraging. Without God, life is meaningless. I am so glad He is in Jordan's life and mine.

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