Monday, June 3, 2013

A Friend Loves at All Times

My best friend and forever friend Tracy visited me for one last time in Kirksville, Missouri this past weekend. We had such a blast, as always. The one thing that will never change between us is that we can always be ourselves around each other. This includes shouting random things, making weird faces, and talking about anything and everything. I love her so much! Something I didn't tell her while she was here, is that I see the way she has changed over the last couple of years. These changes are all wonderful and a blessing from God. Tracy has strengthened her relationship with the Lord, which in turn shines through her words and actions. She took on a huge responsibility of serving in the youth group at her church and is mentor to two young girls. She is a great friend to her neighbors and others in her church. She loves her husband with a fierce love and desires to be a mom some day in the near future. I don't doubt that she is more than ready to love a baby, and will be a wonderful mother! 

One other thing I would like to share...we went to church on Sunday, and there was a quiet time during communion. I look over to see that my friend needs a tissue. She takes the tissue and says, "Thanks, I'll be okay as long as there isn't another quiet time to pray to ourselves." She was thinking and praying for her husband's friend who passed away very recently. Tracy is so tenderhearted and a rock to her family. I'm so proud of you friend. :) While, I am sad that I am moving even further away from her, I know that there are many more memories to come, and several Arizona vacations in the near future.

"A friend loves at all times..." Proverbs 17:17

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Three Weeks

In just three weeks Mr. & Mrs. Smith will pack up and begin the journey to our new home, Tempe, Arizona.   A moving company from Georgia will come early Friday morning and load up everything. All we have to do is make sure it's packed! I've been collecting many boxes from work and our second bedroom is filling up...needless to say, I haven't done any packing yet. Jordan's parents will come down with Josiah in his truck on moving day. Josiah and Annie are buying our washer and dryer from us, so he will take that back with him and Curt and Karen will help us drive our cars to Arizona. Google maps says it's 1377 miles, 21 hours and 34 minutes. I just hope we get there by Sunday! 

My last day of work at Truman is June 12th...nine more days and counting! Jordan is busy studying away almost every hour of every day, preparing for his board exams. They are both in Des Moines, June 13th and 18th. We have a hotel room for both nights before the test. They start at 8am and Jordan said they will last almost until 4pm. I plan to visit my friends Jenalee and Tracy (and maybe even hit up the TJ Maxx). Jordan's rotations begin July 1st and his first one will be in family medicine at a clinic in Mesa. I know he is anxious to do well on the boards and begin his rotations-no more studying! 

I do not have a job lined up in Arizona yet. I have applied to seven different jobs and have heard nothing, other than automatic e-mails stating the position is filled. Looking back on the different ways the Lord has provided for me in my life and  the journey following Jordan with his medical career, I just know he will continue to deliver the things we need in while moving to Arizona. 

Last but not least, I cannot wait to live near my sister Kelsi and her husband Nick. They live in Gilbert, which is only 25 miles away from our place in Tempe! They are expecting their first baby in October, and I am so looking forward to being an aunt, as well as planning a cute shower in August or September for her.

"Then you will go on your way in safety, and your foot will not stumble...for the Lord will be at your side..." Proverbs 3:23,26