Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Six months and an Auntie?

It's incredible to me that Jordan and I have lived in Arizona for six months now! I must be honest and admit that I completely forgot about my "Tempe Sunshine" blog! I must also be honest in saying that I don't think anyone reads my blog, or will read it for that matter, but that's okay. The main reason I chose to start writing one, was more as a way to keep a journal and to document our time living in Arizona. I like to think of my life as an adventure. The day I married Jordan, I signed up for at least seven years of adventure, first stop Kirksville, Missouri, second stop Tempe, Arizona. While we enjoyed our time and friends in Kirksville, it has been amazing living in the desert where winter consists of 70's and constant sunshine. And oh, how the Lord has provided for us here. After a month of unemployment, tears, and prayer, God provided me a job at Arizona State University in the Department of Economics. I work as an Office Specialist Senior at the front desk. I get to greet faculty and students, and assist them with any administrative type needs they might have. While some weeks and days are busier than others that seem to tick by slowly, I am so thankful God placed me in this job. I don't even have to get on the freeways to drive to work. I simply drive down Scottsdale/Rural road through several stoplights and I'm there! Jordan's rotations have been going well. He has been busy, but not in the way I expected yet. I still get to see him most mornings and evenings. He hasn't decided on a specialty yet as he will have his ER rotation this spring. Hopefully he will like it and stick with that. His other interest is Radiology. The nice thing about Radiology is the normal M-F, 8 to 5 work schedule. Either way, I am incredibly proud of him. It's his 26th birthday today! Happy Birthday Jordan!

While we've enjoyed the warm weather and many beautiful hiking trips, the best part about living here is being only 30 minutes away from my sister, Nick and my niece Kate! Kate Nadalie Salava arrived October 17, 2013, and is such a beautiful and perfect baby! I am so blessed to be her aunt. When we were home over Christmas, Kate was baptized in the church Kelsi and I grew up in, and Jordan and I were her sponsors. Kelsi and Nick are natural parents with so much love to give their first child. God keeps pouring out his blessings to my family and I. We have much to be thankful for, including the new church we started going to just before Thanksgiving. It's called New Life Community Church. The people there welcomed us with open arms and we have never felt more loved by a church community.We are involved in Tuesday night Bible study, and I just started as a high school youth group leader on Wednesday night. We gained many new friends in a matter of days. God is working in our lives, AMEN!

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